What future trends will online social

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Future Trends

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A disagree of this post was originally published on LinkedIn. Gory to our previous compilationsthis process sheds light on the trends and lecturers that we think will make the largest impact on the retail industry in the very against future.

From THE QUINTESSENTIAL SELF to POST-DEMOGRAPHIC LUXURY – here are five trends reshaping THE FUTURE OF LUXURY in and beyond!


Simultaneously, new sources of finance are emerging, such as the rise of emerging market philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and social investment products.

New mechanisms to access finance are also emerging, such as crowd-sourced funding and models like KIVA, an online lending platform connecting lenders and entrepreneurs. To see more predictions from Smart Insights commentating on which marketing techniques you should pay attention to in see our compilation of Digital Marketing Trends for It covers social media, email marketing and search.

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What future trends will online social
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