Tqm in hr

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K. K. Nag Pvt. Ltd has over four decades of experience in manufacturing Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in India. We were the first company to process Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) in India.


We have recently joined hands with DRDO and are License Holders of the Bio-Digester Technology for treatment of human waste. Compensation: HR-Guide to the Internet. After focusing on the cultural and employee involvement heritage of Gainsharing it is appropriate to turn to the bonus/incentive side.

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TQM TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Total quality management is a management approach centred on quality, based on the participation of an organisation's people and aiming at long term success. This is achieved through customer satisfaction and benefits all members of the organisation and society.

2 Beyond the SLA Traditionally, SLAs (service level agreements) have been a mechanism to gauge the quality of an outsourcer’s services. Properly structured. Total quality management is becoming a maxim of good management that human factors are the mostimportant dimension in quality and productivity improvement.

TQM has far-reaching implications forthe management of human resources.

Tqm in hr
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