Slave trade depopulation of africa

Disease and Depopulation of Africans during Colonialism

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Disease and Depopulation of Africans during Colonialism

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Slave Trade Depopulation of Africa

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Slave Trade Depopulation of Africa

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The effect of slavery in Africa

The link below essays that the slave kill made it easier for Africa to hire an agrarian revolution and, in ways, an industrial revolution. Because of the high demands of the transatlantic slave trade, African coastal nations warred against nations on the interior for the sake of capturing humans.

Over time, this devastated much of Africa, weakening once-wealthy nations and plunging the entire continent into easily exploited chaos. Other scholars and historians have pressed the argument that the slave trade indeed depopulated Africa, and that depopulation in itself has had a destabilizing effect on the continent setting back a lot of progress made in most African societies.

What was the impact of the transatlantic slave trade on African economies and societies? Traditional answers to this question have tended to focus on depopulation. Studies by Manning (), and McEvedy and Jones A discussion of the impact of the slave trade on Africa must begin with Walter Rodney’s book, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.

Africa before the Transatlantic Slave Trade Racist views of Africa In the last 50 years much has been done to combat the entirely false and negative views about the history of Africa and Africans, which were developed in Europe in order to justify the Transatlantic Slave.

The African slave trade, more specifically the Trans Atlantic slave trade as opposed to the East Indian, (although both served western ideals) robbed the continent of its most natural, essential and irreplaceable asset: its human resources.4/4(1).

Africa and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

The Atlantic slave trade was forged in the crucible of Europe's Commercial Revolution. The main motivator was the wealth that could be made from such an endeavor, which all European countries--from small to large--wanted to take part in.

Slave trade depopulation of africa
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