Online marketing of professional sports clubs

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9 Effective Marketing Ideas for Sports Teams and Sporting Events

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StarGames, LLC is a fully integrated sports marketing, management and entertainment company based outside of Boston, MA. Now in its 16th year, StarGames represents current and former professional athletes, produces original content for mass media distribution, operates its own broadband television channels and produces live and made for television events.

The study of sports management prepares students for industry careers in marketing, sales, facility and event management, finance, and more.

2019 Best Online Sports Management Degrees

Sage’s new Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing offers an academic and practical view of this field of study. Ashford's online student organizations currently include: Anthropology Club Anyone Can Code Club Ashford Soundlab Early Childhood Education Club Forbes School of Business & Technology Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

The business world is changing. We've created a Marketing program that will give our students the foundation they need to thrive by combining the concepts of traditional and digital marketing. Now, before we start, let’s clarify exactly what I mean by both Digital Marketing and the Sports Industry.

Digital Marketing is a term that encompasses modern marketing techniques used online, for example, Social Media, Blogging, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay per Click Management (PPC), Branding, Content Marketing, Video Marketing and App creation.

The Commission was formed to implement and oversee the Combat Sports Act and the Combat Sports Regulations and ensure that all participants involved in combat sports, regardless of their amateur or professional status, enjoy meaningful health and safety protections.

Online marketing of professional sports clubs
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