Muslims are marginalised community

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The Guardian view on Muslims in the west: marginalised by mistrust

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Marginalization of Muslim Minority in India

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Muslims and the Marginalized in India Increasingly Live in a Shadow of Fear

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Muslims are considered as marginalised community in India because in comparison with other communities, they have over the years been deprived of benefits of socio-economic development/5(16). Question Marginalized Muslim Community submitted 1 year ago by Ozel0t General of the Army so according to the Hoi4 wiki you lose the Marginalized Muslim Community spirit.

The Guardian view on Muslims in the west: marginalised by mistrust and you get a sense of why many Muslims feel they are treated differently.

Jihadi terrorism is a real but very rare. Oct 31,  · As an academician, my first observation on Muslims is that it is an extremely marginalised community of India. It requires state supports for its development.

The State has always come to the help of the marginalised communities as we have seen in the case of SCs and STs. Muslims are India’s largest minority. They deserve to be treated as citizens with equal rights. However, this community is marginalised in economic and political life.

Muslim community marginalisation fears

In spite of Muslims becoming victims of communal violence again and again, the government and members of public in general associate Islam with the terrorism. By Ghazala Jamil.

Muslims are marginalised community
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