Latino paradox

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Hispanic paradox: Why immigrants have a high life expectancy

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Hispanic paradox: Why immigrants have a high life expectancy

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Understanding the Hispanic paradox.

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Hispanic paradox

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This “Latina paradox” is particularly evident among Mexican-born women. The social and cultural factors that contribute to this paradox are maintained by community networks—informal systems of prenatal care that are composed of family, friends, community members, and lay health workers.

Hispanic paradox

Two researchers present findings related to the "Latino paradox," the fact that new Latino immigrants, despite having on average lower incomes and highly stressful lives, suffer lower rates of chronic and mental illness than the average native-born American.

Experts attribute the "Hispanic paradox" to a number of factors. The Latino population tends to be younger, compared to other demographic groups. Image copyright Thinkstock. Experts attribute the "Hispanic paradox" to a number of factors.

The Latino population tends to be younger, compared to other demographic groups. Image copyright Thinkstock. The “Latino Paradox” might then be a thing of the recent past and is fading away as latinos in the US and in Mexico and beyond move towards the standard American diet.

The Latino Paradox - it's part dialogue, part debate and part desmadre. And it's available every Saturday -- on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Latino paradox
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