Electronic lock

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Electronic Locks

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Electronic Locks

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Electronic brakeforce distribution

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electronic lock / door / combination CL Where to Buy. electronic lock. CL UCA Electronic IButton Pushbutton Latch Lock With PC Programming And Audit Trail Capability With this new lock you can pre enter codes that are effective for only specific time periods or dates.

This is a very handy feature for rentals. Electronic Locks. STRIKE. STRIKE. 1 1/4 x 5 7/8 – – For Offset Latch Entry: Wood, Metal, or Aluminum Frames. 11BS Strike. MAGNET LOCK. 1 5/8d x 2 5/8w x 10 1/2L – – Surface Mounted. To be used on doors when strikes and exit hardware are not practical.

Supports up to 12 door locks and one deposit lock: Multiple lock designs support access control of safe doors, lockers and drawers: Each lock is individually configured for. Building Product Research, Without the Hassle. Find, compare and price building products without wasting time on visiting, registering, & navigating multiple manufacturer websites, downloading countless technical documents for comparison, or waiting days for quotes.

MicroIQ electronic locks are the perfect keyless locks to secure your office environment. MicroIQ Cam/Utility lock directly replace the cam locks found on desks, furniture, and office cabinets. The easy to use keypad lock can be accessed with a code and/or a key fob.

Electronic lock
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